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About Us

"Quality, Trust and Client satisfaction shouldn't be an initial promise but a lifelong practice that is instilled into a Company's values"
A Message from the Owner
I came into this industry as a young, inexperienced Employee looking to learn as much as I could overnight. I soon realised that firstly I would never learn everything and also that you never stop learning. The one thing that has never changed in me are my values. Even in the early days completing the simplest of tasks I knew that the best way needed patience and putting into practice the correct methods that I had learned through observing and practicing, along with a host of questions which were answered and then stored for a lifetime.

Confidence can only come if you have the highest faith in yourself. This faith can only truly come if you have developed the right skills and practice to the highest standards. This was the reason why I set up Qualifix Ltd and after quickly seeing happy Clients and receiving more work and great feedback I knew we had the correct foundations to build on.

I still to this day read constantly, ask questions and thrive on learning. But, the time has also come to keep building Qualifix Ltd into a leader within the Industry. To do this we will always keep the same high sandards and strict values and develop our workforce. I have only set up the blueprint, the future rests with us as a team and by continuing these values and standards we will keep delivering and building on what we have already achieved!

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Ian Gibbon.
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Qualifix LTD
Registered Office: 17 Keswick road Dentons Green St Helens WA10 2AQ
Registered in England Number: 15021158
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